Freight Forwarding Service

Highly developed integrated cargo system which is unique and offers the only entirely customizable cargo solution. Our cargo management will not only meet, but exceed all your expectations.


Our transportation logistics management is all designed to mould to the logistical needs of the client and the product. It is this flexibility and service excellence that made us best in Africa.

Documentation Service

When it comes to importing and exporting goods; documentation is the key! The easiest way to combat these problems is to utilize our documentation services that provide the best in the industry.

Warehouse Service

The warehouse facility is spacious, suitably located and has been designed to meet all specifications and requirements of clientele and are equipped with all the security measures

our services

Our services

Posted by Silent Ocean Limited on Friday, January 15, 2016

Silent Ocean Limited there is one thing that you can be sure of and that is the quality and reliability of our services. We match the best in the international market and we keep updating our services and customizing them according to our client's requirements. We aim to provide our customers with a cost effective and efficient service. We arrange international transport for all types of importers and exporters to all destinations and will ship practically anything anywhere. At Silent Ocean Limited we deal with both FCL's (Full Cargo Loads) as well as LCL's (Less than Container Loads), so no matter the size of your freight it will be catered for.



The role of supply chain management and logistics has a significant role in today's business. Logistics is everything to do with how to manage, control and transport goods, information, and services starting from the very beginning of the supply chain right through to the very end in order to serves consumers' demand. Our services include cargo consolidation, distribution to remote and hinterland areas and monitoring of cargo at various load points. Our logistics department of highly experienced professionals backed with most modern communication systems ensures accurate tracking of vehicles and to maintain time-sensitive delivery schedules. They carefully plan, control, manage and organize the Logistics and supply chain to keep the cost of Logistics as low as possible in order to make the products and services more affordable and to increase one's profit margin. Silent Ocean Limited operates throughout the Middle East transporting a diverse range of products from manufacturing to consumer goods has vast experience in handling every type of consignment and load combination, offering a single or multi-drop option to and from any location.